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High Stability Reliable Clocks

-55°C/125°C; ±25 to ±10ppm

-40°C/85°C ±20 to ±5ppm

5x7 and 3.2x2.5mm packages

HSD Image
HSD Series -40°C to 105°C ±10ppm and -40°C to 85°C ±5ppm
Optical encoding; small, reliable, precise Micron (µ) to nanometers
SMD-01 Image
SMD-01 Series

Designed for real world resolution and accuracy. The best optical encoder for interpolating nanometer resolution!

125°C 32.768kHz Clock IC's
5059 Image
CF5059H Series

32.768kHz output oscillator IC -40 to 125°C using 16.77216MHz AT-cut crystal, 1.6-5.5Volts